Research and development (R&D) is the innovation engine of the agrochemical industry and is crucial for driving growth. The industry is on the verge of constantly evolving technology to meet a wide range of demands, with R&D taking precedence. Over 3,000 crores of rupees have been spent on R&D by Indian corporations in the form of land, buildings, equipment, trials, and registration. This represents 5% of the agrochemical sector's overall revenue, which has significantly increased in recent years. The argument for the crop protection chemicals sector is becoming stronger with innovation driven by R&D exports. Agrochemical companies are increasingly focusing on introducing new formulations in their R&D capabilities and product mix to gain an edge.

India has risen to become the second-largest exporter of agrochemicals globally in 2022, with exports valued at $5.5 billion. By 2025, India's agrochemical market is expected to grow to $18.1 billion USD. The sector will depend on growth-promoting factors such as considerable R&D activity, policy changes affecting trade, marketing, production, manufacturing, product registration, and IPR to maintain its pace. The 2nd Annual Agrochemicals R&D and Innovations Summit in 2024 will discuss insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, and fertilizers, and it will concentrate on how to make India a significant exporter of agrochemicals to other countries.

Thought Leaders

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Topic Highlights

  • Looking ahead The Role of digital and precision agriculture
  • Emerging new process innovations in agrochemical R&D
  • Status of Indian crop protection industry & global situation
  • Registration process of new biological molecule From R&D perspective
  • Reducing climate footprint and increasing resilience in agriculture

Key Takeaways

  • Insights on the registration process of a new molecule
  • Exploring digitalization and AI in the Indian agrochemical sector
  • Deep dive session on the changing landscape of patents and IPR
  • Understanding the specific guidelines of R&D regulatory landscape, policy and trade
  • Understand detailed and late regulatory updates on pesticide regulation
  • Evaluating the success of R&D-improving strategies
  • Leverage this golden opportunity to connect with regulatory bodies and industry experts

Who will you meet?

Functional Heads of:
  • Research & Development
  • New Product Development
  • Product Innovation
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Intellectual Property & Patents
  • Process Engineering / Reengineering
  • Biotechnology Research
  • Regulatory Affairs

Why should you attend?

  • To uncover trends, learn unique perspectives, and engage in discussions
  • To meet with c-level executives from top agrochemical companies
  • To gain knowledge of new product launches in the agrochemical sector
  • Understanding the regulatory and market landscape and future of the agrochemical industry
  • Learn about new developments in natural and synthetic agrochemicals